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Accessories we sell

In Abm we sell laptop accessories such as battery, adapter, memory, hard drives, display panel, Keyboard, Motherboard, Enclosures etc

The Brands We Support

When it comes to the brands we sell laptop parts for Apple, Acer, Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo, Ibm, Hp. Compaq, Hp Compaq and Sony.

Laptop Parts Overview

Fundamentally, the laptop parts are designed in a very unique manner by the manufacturer for each and every model.

By the way there are millions of different laptop parts available globally, with technical and physical variations. , When there is a part sourcing requirement arises, because of the Uniqueness of the parts, one has to go through a certain challenge many times.

We Make It Easy

In Abm we guide customers with the precise understanding of their requirement, hence we source the required spare parts or alternate part which makes the sourcing easy. And comfortable.

ABM Advantage

Quality products, years of experience with appropriate selling system, product outsourcing capabilities in the International and in the national market, large Parts information database, product test capabilities are the key points, why one can consider ABM !!

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Official Partners

Abm Infotech privileged to be the Authorized sales Partners for leading brands like Hewlett Packard, Toshiba, Lenovo and Dell etc. With the high Regards to these brands Abm provides quality sales support which enable these brands to live up to the commitment to their brand Loyal customers.

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