Abm welcomes you to the used-refurbished laptops information page, hope this following information likely to provide a basic insight about the relevant subject!

Information about Used/Refurbished Laptops

The Products which has been used or may be unused (Excess stock from the factory or the manufacturer or from the showroom displayed stocks) which is presently ready to use by refurbishment.

This refurbishment may be done by us or by the manufacturers themselves in their factory or from the other vendors.

Used Refurbished conditions and preparations Conditions Tested, Qualified, it may look new or with some minor scratches (Cosmetic changes) Preparations

The following services may be done for example hard drive formatted or rectified problems on its defects (if applicable- but not necessarily) or just simple clean etc.

Take The Advantage

Commercial advantage

Less expensive than the new one, may cost 50% or even lesser .

Technical and other Advantages

You can buy, more or less the latest configurations, or recent sold configurations with the flexibility to add the required upgrade parts, with your preferred O/S etc.

Brand and Model Preferences

You may prefer to choose some of your favourite brands such as Apple, Dell, Lenovo, Ibm, Toshiba, Acer, Hp, Compaq etc,

We may or may not assure to provide the specific brand and models all the time as per your preferences, since the refurbished market depends on the present day availability basis.


The refurbished laptops we sell, goes through the routine diagnostics and tests for the qualification. Only when it gets qualified and certified in the test process, then we make it eligible for the sale.. Hence you can be rest assured that, you get the value for the money.

Abm provides 30 days guarantee for the refurbished products as a value added support.

Abm Advantage

We understood the value of the customers and their investment, hence we test qualify each and every product before we sell.

Assured quality, Right prices, Good backup support are the advantages one can rely ABM.

Thank you for reading this page.

Official Partners

Abm Infotech privileged to be the Authorized sales Partners for leading brands like Hewlett Packard, Toshiba, Lenovo and Dell etc. With the high Regards to these brands Abm provides quality sales support which enable these brands to live up to the commitment to their brand Loyal customers.

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