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Apple Products We Service

Abm Infotech Provide service solutions for Mac book, Mac Book pro, Mac book Air, Imac, Mac Mini, Apple Ipad, Apple I phones.

Apple Service Requirement Approach

As per our experience as and when there is a service requirement, the best would be approaching the manufacturer to fulfil your service requirement.

For some reason if the particular service is not available or not possible due to various reasons with the manufacturer ,then the next option would may consider a 3rd party Service provider, who is well qualified and equipped to handle your service requirement.

May be the following filters considered utilizing to qualify the service company, to fulfil your service requirements.

  • Experience
  • Knowledge
  • Technical Skills
  • Test And Service Equipment availability
  • Spares Availability
  • Backup Support After Service
In the above, if one is missing probably, the service fulfilment may be under a challenge.

Cost and Service Requirement Understanding

Many times the users considers the cost is the prime factor choosing the service company, hence they approach the cheapest service solution possible, but in our experience this approach may not be workable on certain areas. Though the cost is important, but the service quality and the cost may need to be considered in parallel.

The other point is known people, many users try take services from the known sources with an idea as they are an “IT Hardware solutions provider” apparently not everyone is capable in terms of providing solutions as per the requirement .The Point is they may be good and known to you, but when it comes to the level of providing solutions it is always better to find out as who has the capability to provide the required solution.

Hence we would request you to find out the right service company applying the above mentioned filters.

Apple Mac –Precautions

Please remember not everyone is capable to service your APPLE MAC, if there is a wrong diagnosis by the service provider, it may probably end up in spending more time, effort, money etc., than what is actual.

We emphasis in this point since we see many Apple Mac reaches us with the condition were it was wrongly diagnosed and parts replaced in the previous service attempt(s) where one has a very little opportunity to service the product and fulfil the customers requirement.

Apple Service Requirement

Replacement Services understanding

In a Apple Mac whenever there is an accessory failure, it is suggested to go for the replacement of the specified accessory part, this is a simple and straight forward solution.

Apple Spare Parts availability

Since the accessories are proprietary, many times one has to depend on the manufacturer for the spare requirement. In this situation, getting the spare from the manufacturer becomes a challenge due the following,

  • Reaching out the manufacturer, many times a time consuming process.
  • Spare part availability with the manufacturer on our required time frame is a question, since most of the models gets obsolete by them in a short period of time.
  • The manufacturer many times indirectly insist to go for a new purchase or exchange the older ones to newer ones instead of service options.
From the manufacturer’s perspective, though there are legitimate reasons for not supporting the spares supply for a reasonable period of time, due to the “Technology improvisation” on both hard ware and software verticals.

It is really acceptable that, for the legitimate and affordable users of course the new improvisation helps tremendously but the frequent upgrade population is considerably low. For most of the users they do not require an updated technology really, they can still continue to use the prevailing systems, since they use it for limited applications. Rather they are forced to go for an updated technology due to the technology advancement, is what is available for the user approaches the manufacturer.

Not really everybody can afford to just keep changing their equipment’s just like that. Many times by spending little money can extend the life of the product. When the user doesn’t get the spare from the manufacturer, they have to look for an alternate source from where they can get solution.

Abm InfoTech

We fit in to this slot as a third party service provider without any limitations. We provide quality and cost effective replacement and rework solutions.

Apple Accessory Replacement Solutions

The following spare parts available to support the service solutions,

Lcd/led display, Adapter, Battery, Motherboard, Processor ,Hard drive, Optical drive, Memory, Keyboard, External enclosures Internal smaller, Essential parts.

Apple Mac Rework and Service Solutions

What we mean rework and service solutions, is a combination of spares replacement, component(s) replacement or Utilizing required materials, software installations and application related solutions to make the equipment keep running as it was functioning before it failed.

Commonly there are 2 reasons, why we may suggest for the rework solution instead of replacement,

  • The replacement accessory part non-availability
  • The cost involvement of the accessory replacement.

About our service Process

Once we receive the Apple Mac, we will register a case and take it forward for the required test and understand the service requirement as requested by the customer. As next we will complete the required test(s) and get back to the customer with the required suggestion and possibly a solution as well.

If we determine that the laptop requires a different service than the customer requested , we’ll contact the customer with additional information about the different service requirement. Based upon customer’s confirmation and suggestion, we move the case accordingly.

As Next, once we complete the diagnostics and understand the service requirement, we will provide the necessary service report and possible solution details along with the quote for the service fulfilment. Once you give us an approval to go ahead then we proceed towards the actual rectification process.

Absolutely the customer is the final authority, their decision is final to move towards resolve the case or to cancel.

Apple Mac Cost of Repair Understanding

About the cost of repair understanding the service cost depends on the kind of service required pertaining to the requirement for each individual Unit.,

Apple Mac Duration of Services

Service of an Apple Mac takes approximately 1 to 5 five business days from the time when we receive your laptop. The number of days, depends upon the nature of the complaint and service requirement, spare availability etc.

Apple Mac Warranty after Service

Abm InfoTech provides warranty support for the parts either reworked or replaced for the period of 30 to 90 days, Subject to condition again depends on the kind of service one request.

Apple Mac Type of Services We Do

Repairs pertaining to display, O/s and application related services, Motherboards, Hard drives, Keyboards, Battery services, Accidental or wear and tear Breakages on the enclosures, upgrades of memory, Hard drives Etc.

Abm InfoTech & Apple Mac Services

It’s our pleasure and privilege to share the information that Abm InfoTech, is rated as one of the most trusted service company by public media in India referred to IT services, especially in the laptop service solution industry.

Abm InfoTech is a registered vendor and service provider for many corporates, software including fortune 500 companies.

The Key points are Quality, Service experience, Business process, Test Equipment’s facility , Spare Sourcing capabilities Etc. and of course affordable price.

Official Partners

Abm Infotech privileged to be the Authorized sales Partners for leading brands like Hewlett Packard, Toshiba, Lenovo and Dell etc. With the high Regards to these brands Abm provides quality sales support which enable these brands to live up to the commitment to their brand Loyal customers.

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